Welcome to Wolfsgut in Schnaittenbach

About me
Three years ago, I moved out to the country, so that I could live among animals in the great outdoors. Having lived in the city for many years, my dearest wish was to say goodbye to city life. My biggest dream was to become a professional breeder of purebreds, and in August 2016, after giving it a try for one-and-a-half years in Schnaittenbach, my dream became a reality. Things have now progressed to such a point that I will be able to transition to becoming an official dairy operation on January 1, 2018, which is why I have purchased more land in Freudenberg.

On my organic goat farm in Freudenberg I work with German Improved Fawn goats, interbred with Anglo-Nubians, to produce higher-quality milk with a higher fat content. I also keep these goats, which originated from cross-breeding native British goats with goats imported from India, on my farm – Wolfsgut – in Schnaittenbach. They are not only sold as breeding goats, but also as show goats and to guarantee that the breed is preserved.

I also own a few Dorper sheep, which are distributed across various pastures about 60 km from Schnaittenbach, so that they can contribute towards preserving the countryside pastures. Over the cold winter months, the sheep have access to three pastures and a nearby permanent structure so they can keep out of the cold.

I breed all goats and sheep in accordance with the “Herdbuch” (German livestock breeding and pedigree records). I only use Anglo-Nubian CAE-negative breeding stock. All goats are dewormed and vaccinated. My Dorper sheep are all MVV-negative and Geno I-negative, and my goats and sheep are a part of the pseudotuberculosis screening programme.

My entire farm in Schnaittenbach is a conventional self-sustaining farm, both privately and commercially, and in addition to ducks, geese and chickens, I also have two horses and four dogs. I run the farm with my life partner (who also works for me) and one additional employee. I also have a greenhouse. In short, I’m a person who truly loves nature and being outside in the fresh air. When I open the gates to my farm, I’m greeted by the wondrous view of a magnificent forest. This is why I also have a carriage-driving licence, so that I can freely travel about with my animals through these scenic surroundings. Behind the barnyard is another area where I breed my disbudded Anglo-Nubian goats, which I then sell.

I also offer professional pasture preservation services using my goats and sheep. That is why I am constantly on the lookout for new areas several hectares in size, where I can professionally graze them. My sheep and goats preserve the agricultural countryside and I lease property for this purpose.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. I can answer your questions in German, Russian, Polish or English – though I have to admit that my English is not that great!

Future plans

I have big plans for the future. I am going to create a 3.5 hectare goat park in 2018. This is where the bucklings will spend about a year. The park will have a real climbing structure, made of wood and several huge piles of rocks, surrounded by a pastured area, and including a creek and a pond. This is where visitors will be able to view the goats and feed them. The goats will be free to roam this entire area. In the summer of 2018, the goats will share this massive enclosure with American miniature donkeys, and it will be open to the public.

I also plan to offer horse-drawn carriage day trips between the goat park and Bio-Hof Ellersdorf (a nearby organic farm), where visitors can sample different types of sausage. These sausages are a pure delight to foodies and are delivered to gourmet restaurants. The farm will also be opening a cheese dairy next year (2018), where visitors will be able not only to watch cheese being made, but also to sample the cheeses and delicious, fresh milk. Goat hides will also be available for sale. Of course, all products will be organic. The tour will also include an in-house bakery specialising in natural sour-dough bread, and wine tasting. Visitors will then be driven back to the goat park. The return trip includes a stopover at a higher elevation, from which visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of Freudenberg and the countryside, and also observe the goats in their 3.5 hectare natural surroundings.

Furthermore, I would like to host a big medieval festival in Schnaittenbach and Freudenberg as a collaborative project with several other operators. This event, which we are planning to hold monthly, will offer numerous goat specialties, such as sausage, Leberkäse (a type of Bavarian meatloaf), cheese and milk, as well as hides. There will be medieval music and singing and dancing. Organic soap will also be available for sale. My goal is to familiarise people with goat and sheep meat and to establish my own brand of goat sausage specialties, goat’s milk and goat’s-milk-based chocolate milk for distribution.

There are also plans to open two shops, one in Nuremberg and one in Amberg, where all of the aforementioned specialties will be available for sale. These can be purchased fresh or as a ready-to-go meal straight from the grill.

Hours of operation

Mo. - Fr. 8:00 - 21:00


Buehrlweg 2
92253 Schnaittenbach


Mobile phone: 0172 299 60 38
Home phone: 09604 6409980
Email: info@dorperschaf-anglonubier.de